Trifecta 12 oz. 12pk


Why pick one when you can have them all! Get (1) 4 pack of each of our refreshing flavors and you can decide which you like best!

Guava Spice: Guava Spice gets its sweet and spicy flavor from real organic guava juice and natural flavors combined with world class craft tequila from Mexico. The perfect blend of sweet and heat for when you are feeling just a little bit adventurous.

Tamarindo: Tamarindo’s fresh and tangy taste is not your everyday tequila seltzer. Made with the finest craft tequila and organic fruit juice grown and squeezed in Mexico, we believe it’ll give you all that tang that you’ve been searching for!

Aloe & Mint: You can credit real ingredients for the cooling and bright flavors of MEXI Craft Tequila Seltzer Aloe & Mint. Made with top-shelf premium Blanco Tequila, real aloe juice, natural flavors and sparkling water, it’s delightfully refreshing for those hot days when you are craving something cool and crisp.⁠ 

    Pure Sparkling Water, Premium Blanco Tequila, Real Fruit Juice, Natural Flavors

    ABV / Proof: 6% / 12
    Size: 12 oz. 12pk

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